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Paulette Jenkins
I took a tour of Trans-Allegheny Lunatic asylum last year. I plan to visit it again soon maybe an over night stay, just to take in the true affects of it. And hopefully get to meet some ghostly friends there.
20 Jun 08, 20:32:44

Interested party.
What is going on with your website?
20 Jun 08, 14:49:41

Deanna Foster
Your site is lovely! I'm working on a book about Asylums in Nova Scotia, Canada
19 Jun 08, 18:11:38

John Good
I would love to attend one of the all night stays sometime in the future. This place sounds real interesting.
19 Jun 08, 13:18:09

Pam Hood
Saw a business card at Atlantic Bagel... Hmmmm... I wonder who put it up on their bulletin board!

The ever hopeful Pam Good
18 Jun 08, 20:01:09

Tricia Strader
I have gone past the Old State Hospital several times over the years visiting Weston to see nearby relatives. I participated in the Civil War Gold Robbery reenactment once. But I've never been inside. Hope to take a tour sometime, and I'd like to see the Gold Robbery reenactment back.
17 Jun 08, 13:22:37

David Ridgley
I just saw the story on the WDTV website about the protestors outside the facility. I think if they took the tour they would see there is nothing offensive about what you guys are doing and they might learn a thing or two. My best friend and I came home to West Virginia a few weeks ago and had the privilege of taking the tour of the hospital with a wonderful tour guide that used to work there since the early 70’s. She gave a fantastic tour and told about the good side of things and the bad side. I commend what you are doing to restore the facility. The tours are very educational and the name of the place is the original name. Perhaps is the protestors took the tours, they would learn this. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing the renovations to this valuable landmark.

David Ridgley
Washington, D.C.
17 Jun 08, 07:50:36

The state neglected the building until it is in terrible shape; they even refused to provide matching funds for federal grant money for emergency repairs. The Jordans need $20,000 to repair the roof alone. Thank God the family who bought this treasure want to restore the building and keep the 300+ acre parcel of farmland in one piece. If they had torn the building down and sold the land for a golf course and McMansions, as so many wanted to do, it wouldn't exactly honor the mentally ill, would it? The Jordans are doing what has to be done right now to save the building. If Ghost Tours and Psycho Path ATV trails do it, then good. The "advocates" who have such strong ideas about what should be done at the Asylum should explain how the money is going to be found. There have been many, many excellent ideas over the years, but no one with resources to get the money. The Jordans are good people and are saving an American treasure. So take a deep breath, NAMI and other "advocates" and find a real issue to get agitated about.
17 Jun 08, 06:59:27

Melissa Collins/Russell Collins
I sit here and i read all the negative and the positive comments from different citizens of Lewis county and the surrounding area. I am sadden by people's argumentive attitudes and pointing finger attitudes. Instead of wasting valueable time in pointing fingers,complaining about the name why dont people actually stand up and try to secure and restore something that is of value to our local history. whether we like it or not it is here, always has been here, and will continue to be here way beyond our time on this earth. Why cant we appreciate something for what it is and not what we think that it should be? If we all would stand together as citizens,neighbors, and family we can help restore something of great value to our community...and possibly help bring tourism and money that is so desperately needed in this community. Just my opinion..Have a great day!
16 Jun 08, 21:17:43

private property
Who are we or anyone else for that matter to tell them what to name the piece of property they purchased? Doesn't matter if I like the name or not.
16 Jun 08, 13:09:08

You are preserving stereotypes
Too bad such a beautiful building was given such a disgusting name.
16 Jun 08, 12:15:13

"Construction and development of the property then known as the Trans-Allegheny Asylum for the Insane was started in 1858 by the State"

This is what I found. It's not the name they are using, but I have heard others too.
15 Jun 08, 20:27:43

Concerned citizen
1st- many articles cite that it was "christened The Lunatic Asylum West of the Allegheny Mountains". So TALA is not the original name.

2nd- Do you really think that not re-naming it TALA that the name will go away? Be erased somehow? You're not using its other names and they're still known.

3rd- Are you THE Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum? Is your intent and mission to house and treat patients? Or are you trying to build a museum? a memorial? a monument? Or maybe a recreation center? motorsport raceway? haunted house?

I think they just haven't done a lot of research or thinking about this. They bought it and now they're stuck.
15 Jun 08, 20:11:58

I saw the TAPS program that featured your property. You were very wise to contact them. I know that if I ever had paranormal activity in my home, TAPS would be who I would call.

Do you think that you would ever have TAPS there for a second time? Maybe even a two-night TAPS investigation? I really hope so!

Thank you for your hard work in keeping our history alive!

As for the previous criticism about using the term "lunatic asylum"...If that is the vernacular of the 1800s, then I see no problem with the use of the term.

If federal, state, or county records of this property, use the term "lunatic asylum", then that would be the most historically accurate term, and should not be avoided due to public pressure.
15 Jun 08, 17:47:25

Lisa Deel
I would love to hear more stories about the hauntings at the hospital.
15 Jun 08, 13:32:09
preserve history not prejudice
I would love to see the building restored, however this can be done without naming it a "lunatic asylum" and selling offensive t-shirts. Stop and consider what you could accomplish by involving the disability community in the restoration instead of pleading ignorance on what is appropriate and what isnt.
15 Jun 08, 10:30:31

I recently attended the mud bog with my 4 year old son and loved it. There was no rude behavior, it was a nice family outing. We loved it, Thanks for bringing activities to this area.
15 Jun 08, 08:58:12

Thank goodness that something constructive is taking place at this beautiful, historical landmark! My family visited this week during our vacation from Texas. Good luck with the preservation and remodeling. It's going to be long and tough, but in the end it will be worth it! We loved the tour and the history lesson along with it.
14 Jun 08, 16:22:30

Volunteer At TALA!
now for the people that are saying bad things about the hospital and work we are doing and what we have acheived to the further restoration of a historical landmark, honestly has your mom ever told you to think before you act? unless you have taken the tour and learned the information and wat is planned with the money we do make. it all goes to the preservation of the building. plz and thank you. =)
13 Jun 08, 15:51:34

I went on the tour and I think the asylum is okay. It was cool to see it from the inside. I really don't like the whole ghost hunting thing though- kinda cheesy. Wish they would put in a museum with displays and other features.. right now you just walk around (for 30 bucks!)
13 Jun 08, 06:36:48

Chuck Bowling
I live in Elkview WV. I seen the Taps crew at the Asylum. I'd love to come and see it some day.
12 Jun 08, 15:13:23

Rod Miller
I live in Fort Worth Texas and i am a firm believer in ghost one day I will come and see ya'll.
12 Jun 08, 14:00:37

Carrie in VA
I have no problem with the name-it is the name the facility went by for years. They are trying to save a piece of history that the sate let fall to ruins. As a social worker and long time participant with non-profit groups I say way to go for the creative fundraising ideas and a name that sticks with folks. Seems to me like they are trying to preserve the history of the place and shed light on the way our society treated those with mental illness. I can't wait till I can make it over for a tour of the facilities history and a ghost tour.
12 Jun 08, 11:18:15

Jannie Grindstaff
My Mother-in-Law lives in Weston and I have driven by there many times. I can't wait to do the Ghost Tour. Loved the Ghost Hunter show on the Asylum.
12 Jun 08, 07:55:30

The historical aspect is only one part of what they are doing there. There is nothing historical about psychopath dirt bike racing and T-shirts that say "I went nuts at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum"
12 Jun 08, 07:18:58

Lori from Buckhannon
11 Jun 08, 21:32:20
Carol Power
Can't wait to do the ghost tour!
11 Jun 08, 14:13:34

All I have to say is, if you haven't taken the tour - then shut up. Take the tour and then you can gripe. Everything I have seen and heard is that the tour guides strive to show what life was like for the mentally ill, how far we have come and how much farther we have to go.
11 Jun 08, 13:42:23

Karen, which people? the dead ones? u realize that the asylum is closed down? U know what's disgusting, people that judge without actually having all available info. I took the historic tour the other day and was enlightened. The Jordan's are doing all they can to help save that building. The guide told me that all the money that they've made has went right back into the asylum. At least 1 Jordan is there everyday and most days 2 and 2 or 3 days of the week 3 and that's a lot of Jordan. Get off your high horse and shut the fuck up. Either help or be quite.
10 Jun 08, 07:30:45

These stories are not entertaining or funny. Those people were screaming because they were sick and in pain. This is disgusting.
10 Jun 08, 06:55:31
Cindy L. Corcoran
My daughter and I will be joining the TAPS members at the Asylum on July 10th and 11th, can't wait!!!!
9 Jun 08, 09:20:05

Ralph Summers
I used to work on maintanance in the 1960's at the Weston State Hospital. I lived across town on Bennett Street. And we could hear the patients screaming just befor a storm. My father was on the Weston Police force and he used to tell about chaseing down patients that escaped. Ralph Summers
9 Jun 08, 08:33:32

I noticed that you only put the positive publicity on the News site. Wow, Trans-Allegheny presenting only the truth that they want people to hear- How Shocking??!? The building may retained its historical integrity, but the owners certainly have not.
8 Jun 08, 15:14:11

Tina Leffingwell
My grandpa was born and raised in Weston, WV and he used to work at a service station that used to be across the street. He has passed, but I remember stories that he used to tell us about the patients reaching their hands through the fence with money for him to get them a soda. He said he used to spend most of his shift "fetching" sodas to the patients. He also saw and experienced strange things from that land/building. He would work at night and told us he didn't want to talk about what he saw.

We are planning a trip there in July - see you soon!
8 Jun 08, 14:52:52

I saw that you donated mud bog proceeds to a cancer organization. It might help your reputation to next time donate to an organization that helps people with mental illnesses.
8 Jun 08, 13:23:56

wendy fairbairn
0took the tour loved it and got the pic of the stairs that has a white figure i would love to send it to you it is on my phone call me 304-613-4009 thanks wendy fairbairn louisville oh (w/ wv cellphone)
8 Jun 08, 12:31:10

James Blunt
I see you two ways- as a great place to visit and be haunted-
Innapropiate to those who have suffered mental illness.
6 Jun 08, 18:57:06

The stigmatizing language you have chosen to use makes me sick. You are perpetuating the negative and false stereotypes people with mental illnesses have endured for to long.
6 Jun 08, 12:30:15

To Exploit the dead, and the memory of past sufferings of people who were treated worse than any slaves of the continental/colonial periods is a disgrace. Shame on you money hungry pigs
5 Jun 08, 02:27:54

Michelle Garletts-Hancock
I can't wait to see it for myself.
4 Jun 08, 21:22:15

chris wallace
great site
4 Jun 08, 15:28:08
Alaina Fairbairn
The Trans-Alleghney is very awesome and interesting and i am glad that you opened it for tours.
3 Jun 08, 15:26:57

Marianna Clark Pillichody
My Grandfather was the one of the maintenance workers at the asylum back 1920's - 1930"s. His name is on the wall up next to the clock (Lyman Clark). He had painted the clock so he thought he would sign his name on the wall. Check it out !!! Thanks, Marianna
1 Jun 08, 08:34:47

Todd Ellis
AWESOME TOUR!!! Hey I just got back from doing the 2 hour Friday evening 5/30 Ghost Tour it was SWEET!! That hospital is straight up off the hook, cant believe its only an hour and a half from my crib, cant wait to go back and stay the night. Tour guides were great very informative best 40 bucks I've ever spent, you guys keep up the GREAT work and restoration I CANT WAIT to come back. Hey next time I want to go in the other out buildings, the ones that are SUPER haunted. See you next time Todd...in Charleston.....the Lunatic Asylum is a National Treasure dont miss it.
31 May 08, 13:40:36

31 May 08, 09:47:49

D.J. Fields
We did the historic tour May 23 and it was very, very interesting to hear the history of the building and to visualize what the building must have looked like in it's prime. You can sense the sadness and anguish left behind by it's former and deceased patients.
30 May 08, 21:46:19

Irresistible. See you soon!
30 May 08, 11:57:39

I see in the store that they are offering 1 over night stay 7/26. I'm so there..
29 May 08, 19:11:36

I am coming down there for a tour on my birthday in august and i cant wait to see the place, im taking my friend and family it looks creepy
28 May 08, 19:29:10

27 May 08, 08:07:50

Christopher Allen Moats
Hey i whut the ghost hunters to go back it do it agine i think this place is so cool
24 May 08, 20:56:10

My father stayed there for several weeks in the 70's for alcohol abuse. He hated it of course, but he said it was a really chaotic creepy place. I can't wait to visit this summer.
22 May 08, 08:28:35

my grandma worked here...
21 May 08, 11:34:44

Kristina James
21 May 08, 06:26:34

Coming there in July, 08!!! Can't wait!!!!!
20 May 08, 20:28:21

Can't wait to tour this building.. Its only like an hour and a half from where I live. Incredible history..
20 May 08, 17:35:31

Truely a beautiful place. I am a Ghost Hunter and after seeing this amazing place on GHOST HUNTERS I am excited to get my group over for an overnight. Your place is a Ghost Hunters Disney World.
19 May 08, 22:44:24

I live 20 minutes from the place....my uncle was even there! My friends and I are spending the night. Totally siked already...!
19 May 08, 11:12:24

Looking forward to the visit. Looks like a pretty spooky place.I'm excited!
19 May 08, 06:20:36

Victor Wolters
I seen the your Hospital on Ghost Hunters.Beautiful building.Am making plans myself to visit.
17 May 08, 14:32:30

E. Joseph Bonnett
I cant wait to come and visit!
17 May 08, 11:23:16

I would love to go and visit the place!
17 May 08, 06:23:58

Rebecca Khomskii
We will be there with TAPS in July, can't wait!!
16 May 08, 17:04:09

Diana Rhodes
Beautiful Hospital on the outside, can't wait to take a tour of it.
16 May 08, 16:50:31

Shawn Gibson
This place is one of the creepiest buildings I've seen. It looks like the mental hospital Freddy Krueger was in in the movie 'Nightmare On Elm Street". I'd love to stay the night there.
15 May 08, 19:16:10

Andrew Kratz
Great Website! Looks like a very interesting place, I'll be sure to check it out next time I'm in town.
15 May 08, 17:51:56

i am so excited . i am willing to drive down there from arizona but i want to atleast be able to be a part of the overnight tour!?!?
15 May 08, 14:49:31

peg harbert
ghost hunts should be done by experienced ghosthunters like Mountaineer Ghosthunters, Polly
Gear,lead investigator. they have years of experience. give her a call/622-4495.
15 May 08, 12:11:50

Brianna Miller
I love haunted buildings, and this one is in WEST VIRGINIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15 May 08, 09:25:59

14 May 08, 03:36:02

Yes, its haunted,,,but ,,your overnight ghost hunts can't last at those prices.
And you need some good paranormal guides, like the ones in Clarksburg, Mountaineer Ghosts Paranormal Investigators
13 May 08, 22:23:34

13 May 08, 19:21:09

Jennifer Payton
Saw the Ghost Hunters episode. Too cool. I'm seriously thinking of signing up for the tour they're doing in July. If I can't make that one, it would be worth the trip just to come out and see your place. Scary to the max! I have to decide if I'm brave enough or not. :)
13 May 08, 17:56:12

Theresa Gravel
Saw Ghost Hunters episode - Loved it - My family and I will definitely taking a Tour-
13 May 08, 10:42:38

being a psych nurse at tph in west trenton,nj makes this info exciting. our hospital is historic as well. i live in trenton,nj i would like to plan a halloween vacation with my husband.
13 May 08, 01:39:31

Louisa Frankenmuth
Being a nurse I am very interested in viewing and hearing about the history of this hospital. i would be coming from Michigan so i must make plans.
12 May 08, 20:09:04

Diana M Christian
Me and my friends are planning a trip to ghost search i'll let you know how it turns out
12 May 08, 19:27:32

I used to drive past this place all the time.... I think it's about time I check out the inside.....
12 May 08, 19:05:33

West Georgia Ghost Hunters
Looks like the place we need to go .Awesome. Have not came across anything that would make me run yet!
12 May 08, 18:42:58

Elizabeth Williams
This seems like an awesome place to go, hopefuly one day soon I can make it there!
12 May 08, 18:28:55

Gary E Campbell
I live in New Martinsville,West Virginia and have heard so much about the Asylum that I decided one day in 1997 to drive to Weston to see for Myself this great work of architecture.I was so amazed at the size of the complex that I wanted to tour the place but that was not possible at the time but now I stand a chance and hope to return to Weston soon for a tour.I want to thank the new owners for preserving this from demolition & for giving the public the opportunity to tour the facility.
12 May 08, 17:17:13]

Jim Brandenburg
Look forward to the day when it is restored!
12 May 08, 17:03:40

Carol Eader
I live in Highland, IL and love to watch GH. My mother was born and raised in Clarksburg, WV. I have been to Weston but never saw the Asylum. Will have to make sure I take the tour when I make it back that way.
12 May 08, 13:50:14

Maria Smith
I heard about G.H. doing a show on the Asylum. I looked it up on the web and got to see it. I was at Weston yesterday and took pics of the Asylum. I have driven by it several times and never payed any attention to it. My mom had to tell me where it was. When I was first told about the G.H. show, I was told that it was the Sharpe Hospital. Then I was in a store and saw the shirts and was like, I was told wrong. I would love to do a tour. I use to work in a hotel and took some pics and I have seen some weird things there. I even saw and outline of a man one time when I took a pic. Needless to say, I booked it out of there and wouldn't go back to that part by myself again. I would love for G.H. to go there, but I don't think the owner would like it too well. He doesn't believe in ghosts. I hope to be able to do a tour this summer. It would be awesome!!
12 May 08, 12:54:59

Sherrie and Ian McGovern
We're coming in July! We can't wait to hunt with the guys!!!! So cool. This place looks fantastic.
12 May 08, 10:41:10

Did any ever wonder if it is really haunted and you go in on a tour every night or every other night that you will just upset the ghosts/spirits? I mean the G.H. did warn the owner! But i still would like to go before they get to mad! Can't wait!
12 May 08, 04:04:17

I have always found the place very interesting. Even as alittle girl I always felt drawn to the place. Just recently I discovered that my great- great grandmother was a patient at the asylum and she died there. who knows maybe her spirit still inhabits those walls.I'm very sensitive to such things. I'm a true believer.
11 May 08, 20:24:44

Lacey from Warren Pa
I watched your show on TAPS/Ghost Hunters... With all the history that was told on the show i was amazed... I personal would like to come and take a ghost tour and so would me husband... I will be looking forward to see if there are any updates on your building...
11 May 08, 17:12:38

Mona and Tony from Massachusett
We are big fans of TAPS/Ghost Hunters. We always see where they are going to go on the next show and look it up on the web. This was a very interesting episode with lots of history. It was great to see that someone is taking care of such a historic and old building. Just the size of the building was amazing. We wish we could see it for ourselves. It was very scary and and very cool all at the same time. Maybe TAPS could do a live episode there that would be awesome.
11 May 08, 17:07:19

I can't wait to come to see the asylum with my family and friends. I really want to stay overnight because I want to see for myself if the place is really haunted or if it is just a big lie.
11 May 08, 16:39:19 -

I bet the reason they are giving ghost tours and the like is the demand made from the public. I know the website was changed right before the Ghost hunter show aired. The old site had nothing about ghosts on it. Plain and simple supply and demand.
11 May 08, 05:36:57

Todd In Ohio
I find it interesting that at the end of the TAPS episode, Grant told the owner to be careful not to bother the ghosts often and her EXACT response was "Don't worry, our tours are historic only" Now I see they are offering overnight Ghost hunting tours. She isn't very bright is she? I'm reminded of House on Haunted Hill.
10 May 08, 20:05:24

katerena (trina) orsburn
this is a wounderful place filled with history and sadness, my husband Tony and I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE THE INSIDE OF THIS PLACE!!!! GHOTS, HERE WE COME!!
10 May 08, 19:13:00

Loved watching TAPS investigate it! Would loved to have been part of that investigation!
10 May 08, 19:12:29

crystal yancey
Such an amazing place!! I'm coming to investigate wit Ghosthunters in July.. I can't wait to experience it!
10 May 08, 15:48:06

Shannon Vanater
Great website! I will hopefully finally come and visit this summer!
10 May 08, 15:45:46

Judith Lennon
Fantastic web site!
10 May 08, 09:10:15

Shirlene Charbeneau
My husband and I will be visiting this summer. I am very excited to see this place.
10 May 08, 06:47:47

Candy Ferguson
I am from Michigan and cannot wait to see this place as soon as I get a vacation. I am so excited to tour. I get chills just thinking of it. Very interested in the hospitals history. Its like marily Monroe- you know it was , but you cannot live it again.
9 May 08, 18:21:41

Amy Rodkey
I just saw this place on ghost hunters and then i looked it up on the internet and read about the spending the night I THINK THAT IT WOULD BE VERY VERY COOL
9 May 08, 13:51:06

Meredith Moon
This place scares the crap out of me but I can't wait to visit!
9 May 08, 12:32:54

9 May 08, 06:53:29

Tracy Cook
I had a relative in Weston fo only about 2 weeks, I was only 5 or 6 when we wen for a tour (My Mom and Dad) They went thru the hospital after my relative was there for about a day, i had to stay in the main administration office, I remember how it smelled and if you have ever been there in the 70's you would not forget it either!!!!! I am going to go down there once more and now I am in my 40's to take the re. tour and ghost tour too. But I know I will never experience it the way my mom and dad did (my mom came out crying so bad because of how the pts were and I guess treated, but they did not have the treatments they have today. I just want to see if anything may jog my memory of that uge place and seeing just a few of the pts. in there. If anyone has pics of when their reltives were in thre I wouold ike to see(not your rlative, block them out but how it acctually looked in there when it was a hospital. I wouod appreciate it and I will keep it confidential.... Thank You, Tracy
8 May 08, 19:16:35

Joe Hrouda
Saw your place on Ghost Hunters, glad to hear you are starting ghost tours. We have a group in Ohio that might be interested in the all night tour.
8 May 08, 11:45:11

Lisa Rowan
I would love to take the tour, I will be adding it into my schedule.
8 May 08, 10:31:11

Sue James
this place is unreal I really want to come and see this place.
8 May 08, 10:16:33

West Virginia Paranormal Society
just scheduled a ghost tour, like to see what happens
8 May 08, 10:04:19

sue huffman
cant wait to visit
8 May 08, 09:53:38

Rita Mazurowski Mathsen
I've had relatives who were pateints here. I hate the new name. Weston General was just fine. Lunatic has such a negative connotation!
8 May 08, 09:37:12

Kari Cox
Just scheduled a ghost tour and we are totally psyched!!! Can't wait!
8 May 08, 08:43:53

don wagner
great place would love to come and visit some time.www.peaceofmindparanormalsociety.com thanks again with you the best with preserveation of the building
8 May 08, 05:12:25

Cindy La Rue
cant wait 2 get there its gonna b really something thats 4 sure
7 May 08, 22:25:37

Philip Perry (Calvert City Ghost Hunters)
Oh yeah Our Group is currently saving up the money to do a full ghost hunt there. It looks to be very promising.
7 May 08, 18:46:56

Cameron M Carr
The website is great, but this building is the real deal. My family was recently returning from a trip to Pittsburgh, and when we saw the sign for Weston off I-79, we decided to stop and see if we could take a few pictures from the road of the building.To our surprise, the road was open and we drove right up. Oddly enough, they had recently started tours, and we were able to go right inside. The tours were starting to pick up, and the woman told us it was one of the busiest days they had seen yet.We were not able to do the tour, as they said it may be an hour or more till the tours that were ahead of us would conclude, and we assured her we would return. The feeling that you get from simply standing inside this building can not be described. Me and my family all at one point or another felt an eerie heaviness, a sense of being very aware of the emotional residue , for lack of a better description , left in this place. While we waited we were able to take some photographs of the first floor, dimly lit corridors with paint peeling from the walls, double doors with boarded windows...a painting in one room on the wall of the epic looking clock tower that peers over the trees as you drive into Weston...the place is mesmerizing...we will return for the full tour VERY soon, and will recommend to all our friends to visit this place...if you are looking for an interesting, historical, or spooky place to visit, you MUST go to Weston....it is well worth it
7 May 08, 16:02:21

Shawna Smith
This web site is awesome! I would love to help all I can!
7 May 08, 15:04:18

Kathi and Sami
Saw the Asylum on GhostHunters, knew I had to see it in person. Surprising my daughter for her bday with the Ghost Hunters event. See you soon!
7 May 08, 14:52:39

want to come and do the tour. fans of ghosthunters
7 May 08, 12:33:52

7 May 08, 08:23:37

Ron White
Watched Jason and Grant claim the place is haunted. Am anxious to get my group there for a tour/hunt.
6 May 08, 20:12:42

The Rothmans
we want to visit this complex, intimidating place, mesmerized!
6 May 08, 15:57:30

Marty Martin
Watched the Ghost Hunters episode. Booked the Ghost Hunters event. Will be seeing you soon. Very excited!
6 May 08, 14:50:41

Lore Stalker
Loved the Ghost Hunters Episode. Hopefully will be coming for a tour soon!
6 May 08, 13:44:01

Misty Alderman
What you are doing with the place is awsom...I myself have toured the Hospital last October and have had my own experiance's...and I'm a HUGE fan of Ghost Hunter's..That was a great show about the Hospital...Can't wait to tour again soon, now that I know that I'm not crazy and what I felt was real!
6 May 08, 12:42:01

booking soon, can't wait
5 May 08, 21:21:14

Didn't the Ghost Hunters tell you NOT to provoke the spirits? They've already an obviously uncomfortable life which has kept them tied to the place, why exploit them with these tours for your own benefit? Have some respect for the dead.
5 May 08, 18:02:43

mic strawsburg
wow! seen the episode of ghost hunters and thought that may be the coolest building ive ever seen. sure hope i can visit one day
5 May 08, 17:28:22

We toured the hospital on Sunday. I wanted to do the whole 4 floors, but the credit card machine was not working. The tour guide was very informative, and kept the tour going at a nice pace. I was disappointed that the whole right side of the 1st floor was left out of the tour though. I'd love to get involved more with this project somehow....I hate the thought of it falling in such disrepair. It always amazes me how people just walk away from a structure like that and move on with no thought to what will happen to it.
5 May 08, 13:34:39

Kristen Domke
Awesome site. Just watche dthe Ghost hunters episode and had to check out this website
5 May 08, 12:51:42

Bryan Totten
Great Site.
5 May 08, 05:23:05

I think its great what the Jordan family has done for the building and the property. I think if people will just give it a chance that something good can come from Weston's little piece of history. The reason why Weston is the way it is, is because people here do not want change; they do not want to experience new things. Good Job Jordan's. Keep it up for future generations.
5 May 08, 05:12:30

i for one have always though asylums of the insane to be quite interesting. I have read a little bit about this place, and then i saw it on ghost hunters which sparked my interest more. Its nice to hear of an old hospital with no records of patient abuse. its also nice to know they are keeping the building up and perserving the history. I hope one day to get a tour and get a chance to go ghost hunging in there. peace and love-
4 May 08, 20:08:27

Michelle Carpenter
My grandma lived right behind the hospital ! It was creepy but I didn't mind we would play hide n seek at night behind the hospital~! Ghost Hunters was great~!
4 May 08, 18:57:18

4 May 08, 16:10:44

It's exciting that TAPS chose to come there as my family and I like that show anyway. It is a boos for tourism for our state and I know many will come to see it for theirselves amayb from all over the world. I hope to come see it soon for my selfas it's just 2 hrs from me.
4 May 08, 10:32:38

Sara in Charleston, WV
I can remember the first time I saw the hospital and was blown away. The structure is so large and even though the hair on my neck stood up as I drove around it I couldn't help notice how beautiful it is. It would be a shame if this beautiful place is left to continue to crumble and fade away. I would love to read first hand experiences from people who have worked there over the years.
4 May 08, 09:34:23

I love that Ghost Hunters came to Weston. We have a very small, close knit town, and it was so exciting for us that the hospital and our town is getting recognized. People don't realize how amazing the TALA is, but maybe now they will.
4 May 08, 09:30:00

Suzi Scites,Branchland West Virginia
I had a family member to be put there some yrs back and he to told all the scarey stories..and then to have you guys go there and confirm them was WILD....you made a believer out of me...love the show by the way, keep them coming.
4 May 08, 02:12:11

lisa walton
i loved that you guys checked out the asylum in west va. my grandmother lives near there and my husbands grandfather was admitted there many years ago. we heard all the storeies, and it was awesome seeing you guys there. you guys rock.....
3 May 08, 21:15:11

Kenneth Pavlik
My wife and I recently had the opportunity to visit the Waverly Sanitarium in Kentucky, and now, since we've had the pleasure of seeing you on Ghost Hunters, look forward to visiting you in the near future.
3 May 08, 19:12:25

Johnson Family in Whitehouse, Ohio
We saw you on Ghost Hunters and had to check you out! Very interesting facilities!!
3 May 08, 18:10:48

kelsie blosser
i live in west virginia and i am going to watch your show as we speak it is wonderful to know that there are some grate ghost storys hear where i live
3 May 08, 17:17:51

kelsie blosser
i am going to whath your show as we speak i live in west virginia and it is wonderful to so many grate ghost storys from hear
3 May 08, 17:15:35

Laddie Martinek
WOW, the building, the grounds, magnificent. Are you the sole owner of this incredible civil war heirloom? My god what did this cost to purchase? I hope the building is weather tight. I would love to help rehab the interior. Rebecca a toast to you, incredible. Please try to put it back as it once was. I would really like to spend an overnight. Best of luck on your outstanding endeavor.
3 May 08, 16:44:18

Donna Conrad
I watched the show twice. The funny part was that my husband and I were talking about the ghost hunters should do one there a few weeks prior to the airing. I strongly believe that ghosts exist and from being a fan of the show I know the ghost hunters don't label a place haunted unless they can not debunk. I hope that someday I will be able to tour the facility not only for the experience but for the history too. I hope you will allow an overnight experience for other than hunters someday too. Thank you for the interesting facts so close to home.
3 May 08, 12:13:18

I have spent many times near this facility but only twice inside, probably, the '40's.I always thought it was a magnificent building and grounds but feared the things I heard went on inside. I do not believe in ghosts but if there should possibly be such things I would expect them there. While walking by the back of the building one evening a lady in an enclosed area called to me and said"litttle girl, you look like the evening star". I felt sadess for her. On occosion you could hear screaming but mostly it was verbal comments. My brother had "electric shock treatments" there for a nervous break down and lived many productive year folllowing. Not all was horror and abuse or sensational happenings. I will never be able to visit but I trust the facility will be preserved for it's history.
3 May 08, 10:33:19

Terri Coyer
Watched Ghost Hunters! It was awesome. Do you think you will offer a ghost tour in July or August. We are planning an east coast vacation during that time. Hope so!
Okies from Oklahoma
3 May 08, 07:43:06

William McGinnis
Guys, I am very interested ion what you do, and this episode is very close to where I grew up. I have heard many really eerie stories of this landmark over the years, and I'm very intrigued by the paranormal, I would love to see this show. I had to be asleep the night it was aired, I work a very early shift.
3 May 08, 06:52:56

Sherri Nimmo
Wow. That was an exciting show. I lived a 1/4 mile from there until 1984 and walked thru the grounds on a daily and nightly basis. Now I know why it gave me the creeps. Would love to come back and tour it.
I have been to Ghost tours in St. Augustine Fl. and Nashville TN.
3 May 08, 06:36:11

I just watched the investigation on this place by the ghost hunters. It was really awsome, I had some family tour there. And it is definately something I look forward to doing in the future!
1 May 08, 15:10:26

great show last night, I think "ghost hunters" should do a Halloween show there, would be just great. Wow what a place too, such a huge place too. Thanks for bring it to the show
1 May 08, 15:09:00

Stephanie in Wisconsin (former WVer)
I toured the asylum a few years back although tours are a lot more extensive now thanks to the show Ghost Hunters! The tour was more historical and it was amazing. The boy that led our tour was incrediable! He was like a walking book! Great tour! I taped it and we learned so much in the few hours we were there. I would love to go back and learn even more now that you can see even more of the facilities. I am sure Ghost Hunters could make a few more shows at the asylum easily! They stumbled onto a gold mine not to mention it will help Weston out.
1 May 08, 14:36:58

david howell
saw the show last night an it was super i loved every minute of it i have always figured that the weston mental hospital was haunted its just so darn creepy i would love to visit there an see that first hand , i live in moorefield west virginia
1 May 08, 14:07:56

mary cook
Love last night show. I read 2 bookS by Sean P Mccracken called The Hospital: Part One:
''Rude Awakening"
and Part Two: "On the Inside" and I have wanted to visit the lunatic asylum ever since. Love the show guys, keep up the good work..
1 May 08, 13:57:12

Tanya Harp
I saw the saw last night. I am amazed by the things that went on in this place. I would love to come up there some time and visit
1 May 08, 13:09:42

Julie Taylor
Saw the show last night and was fascinated - My friend and I are amateur ghost hunters and we cant wait to get up there and investigate!
1 May 08, 12:55:08

Mariah Jones
I watched the episode on ghost hunters and I am a horror fan and I believe in the paranormal and i have seen apparitions and I would love to vist the asylum someday. The show was awsome it had my hairs standing on the back of my neck at home
1 May 08, 12:49:47

Loved the show as always. Very interesting. Can't wait to find out for myslef.
1 May 08, 12:46:25

Kenni Morton
I worked at Weston State Hospital between the years of 1971 and 1975. Still have friends that I visit with by e-mail from my time there. I presently live in OK (since 1978) and would love to come back there for a tour. I worked in Occupational Therapy, and Patients Accounts. I have a niece that lives in Elkins and she called me to tell me about the show, so I watched it. Was kind of nostalgic seeing the old buildings again. Brought back lots of memories, as my daughter was born at Stonewall Jackson Hospital, and I worked at WSH during that period. Thanks for the wonderful web site. Would love to hear from people I used to work with there.
1 May 08, 11:45:34

doug boulding
Loved the ghosthunters show looking foward to comeing up there soon for a tour me and my family we live in a haunted house for sum years and know very well what to expect cant wait doug from nc
1 May 08, 11:38:36 ]

Bonnie Arnold & Steph Smith
We watched TAPS last night & we were so intrigued that we got on the Trans-allegheny lunatic asylum web site & are getting info about coming to take the tour! Hopefully we can have our own paranormal experience. See you soon!
1 May 08, 11:33:49

J. LaCroix from Rhode Island
Saw this place on Ghost Hunters last night and was wow'ed. My husband and I plan on taking a trip and hopefully will do the Ghost Tour! I hope TAPS comes back for another investigation.
1 May 08, 11:21:58

Nicola Borgman
Wow.. watched the asylun on Ghost hunters. Show kinda creep'd ya out. Especially with the stories of the Electro-shock and labotomies w/o drugs. Made ya think of house on haunted hill.. which made the creep factor even higher :P Should have taps come back for there Halloween show! that was be so awsome!
1 May 08, 10:57:36

Ezekiel Flowers
I was born in Clarksburg and graduated from Glenville State College. Both of my children were born at Stonewall Jackson memorial hospital in weston. I moved to colorado 5 years ago and was floored and giddy as I watched TAPS go through my home turf. You guys presented West Virgina wonderfully on camera and I so wish that I could come home and go through that wonderful building. I was so sad when I heard it was being torn down and so happy when I found out that you guys are trying so hard to save it. Best wishes!
1 May 08, 10:48:27

Cheryl Carroll
I was born and raised in WV. I live in NC now, but WV will always be my home. Anything I can do to help perserve its history, I will gladly do.
1 May 08, 10:45:33

Jordan Brewer
I loved when you went to the lunatic asylum! it was so amazing and i really want to look into ghost hunting for a job. Me and my friend are really interested in what you do and we wanted to do something with taps for our senior project.
1 May 08, 10:35:27

Danielle Hamric
i absoulutley enjoyed that taps came to you town and did an investigation.im a big fan of ghost hunters and love historical buildings like this one.i hope to see it perserved and taken good care for many more years.
1 May 08, 10:20:49

Lane Jones
being from weston this makes me feel good that our history is being conserved. would not be the sam without the hospital. several members of my family worked there for many years.
1 May 08, 09:36:34

Just a suggestion...it would be nice to post some original photos of the asylum on the web site.
1 May 08, 09:33:48

I saw the show on Ghosthunters and was completely enthralled by the history. I have been in the mental health field for 20 years and have been in many asylums
bringing back the residents to personal care homes or group homes. I have a special connection with people with mental health issues. I am planning to tour your facility. Please preserve this hospital..these spirits need a to conquer the atrocities that were performed on them.
1 May 08, 09:11:29

Ashton Gilbert
I saw the show on Ghost Hunters and I would love to come and visit some time
1 May 08, 08:58:56]

My mother worked here in the 1960s.
1 May 08, 08:56:38

Mellissa Williams
I would love to see the place. My family is from WV and I remember hearing stories about the place from my grandparents, aunts and uncles. I saw the episode of Ghost Hunters and hope to visit soon.
1 May 08, 08:55:00

Yansi Amaya
I seen your show on Ghost Hunters and I am interested to visit this place. Hope to see you soon.
1 May 08, 08:11:26

Danielle DiLisio
Watched you on Ghost Hunters! You have an awesome place!
1 May 08, 08:10:31

Arlissa from Michigan
I seen your show on Ghost Hunters and I am very interested in coming to take a Night Tour. Thank you for offering things like this for the people who do beleive, and want to expierience it for themselves!
1 May 08, 07:54:18

Aimee Parks
I am adding it to my list of places to visit this summer.
1 May 08, 07:47:25

Tobey Johnson
Great info on a cool place!! hope to visit soon.
1 May 08, 07:40:16

Sherry from WVU
We've been waiting for this a long time! We were hoping they would come last Halloween when Anthony announced to our classes to get to ready for thier visit.
1 May 08, 07:30:55

Ann Marnie
Another Ghost Hunters fan dropping by to check out your site. I hope to get to see the place in person soon.
1 May 08, 07:28:41 ]

Wesley Puffenbarger
Love to visit the buildings.
1 May 08, 07:09:55

Anna M. Grantham
Love your building!
1 May 08, 07:07:11

Susan Kelly
This place is beyond belief!!
Would love to come and visit!!!
1 May 08, 06:56:02

Leyon & Kristen Tyree
We watched the ghost hunters episode. What a great but creepy place.
1 May 08, 06:55:36

Laura Bond
This place is freakin awesome!!!!! I cannot wait to visit you guys. it is definately on my agenda.
1 May 08, 06:26:11

What an exciting episode of Ghost Hunters last night! One of the best I've ever seen, and to know it was filmed just a few miles from my home is AWESOME!! I was really wanting to tour the hospital before, now the anticipation is killing me!!
1 May 08, 06:22:53

Andy Garretson
I am looking forward to visiting the Asylum with my family!
1 May 08, 06:21:35

Debra Kay Godfrey
Awsome show...TAPS did a excellent show letting people know the truth about what has been going on in OUR Building...Cant wait to tour 2 hrs. of Ghosts...Be so neat...Keep up the good work...
1 May 08, 06:19:59

Jenny Bachtel
You have a fantastic place! TAPS did a great job investigating. We would love to come and do some investigating of our own! What an awsome piece of history.
1 May 08, 06:09:08

Danielle Ocheltree
I watched the ghost hunters episode on Sci-fi last night...it was awesome! I attend high school in Lewis County and it's crazy to think that all of this is in the town that I reside in. I can't wait for them to come back someday soon. I've done the historic tour before and I'd love to do the ghost tour.
1 May 08, 05:31:33

Diania White
1 May 08, 05:16:45

virginia burnham
watched you on ghost hunters tonite. This sounds like a cool place to have an experiance! Hope you do have them back and that they can do more investagating... April 30,2008 Virginia
30 Apr 08, 23:38:03

Joe and Kirsten Bullins
We will definitely be visiting your ghost tour after seeing this on Ghost Hunters tonight. We live in Greensboro, NC, and I'm sure we will visit you several times. Thanks for opening up this tour! We are so excited!
30 Apr 08, 23:19:49

Juliana Whilden
I have traveled all around the u.s. to haunted places and
will be coming for a visit. I have gone on ghost hunters
with Jason and Grant to Bethany, New York at Rolling
Hills. I was so excited to watch this episode. I will be
traveling all the way from Alaska and look forward to
seeing all of you!
30 Apr 08, 23:16:25

Vicci Haynes
It's a beautiful constructed building. I fell in love with it. I hope to come and take a midnight tour. I Love the scarey stuff and the historical history.
30 Apr 08, 22:23:57

Nicki Fisher
I just saw your facility on "Ghost Hunters" and am anxious to plan a trip to Weston later this year. My husband and I never miss "Ghost Hunters" and what we saw earlier tonight was fascinating and one of the most exciting episodes that we've seen so far. Hope to be there to take your Ghost Tour and see and hear things for ourselves in the near future. Thanks!
30 Apr 08, 22:04:42

Tammy Garland
My family is from and is still living in Fairmont, WV. I will be there in June and am hoping to take your June 27th tour. I do hope to see and hear the things that taps did.
30 Apr 08, 21:42:18

Debbie DeGregorio
This place is super. I saw it on Ghost Hunters and I love this kind of buildings and happenings. I hope that yu get to redo the buildings
30 Apr 08, 21:30:08

Carol Wilson
I live in Las Vegas NV and saw the "Ghost Hunters" debut. I think you are doing a fantastic thing preserving our American History. You should hit up some of the big resort chains (MGM, Steve Wynn etc) to get them to help out financially to make a Haunted resort. Again I just think you are doing a wonderful thing for all of us and I for one say ....."Well done"
30 Apr 08, 21:17:30

Jo Thompson
Planning a weekend trip to visit very soon. Can't wait to tour this creepy place!
30 Apr 08, 21:15:39

Destinie Hartline
I live in wisconsin and i saw your place on ghost hunters..... It is a great looking place for as old as it is...... Have you has mediums in there at all or people who can talk to ghosts or spirits come in and see if they can get information to see if anyone is in the records... If not maybe you should and see what happens.... Good luck on the place it will look great once it is finish and restored......
30 Apr 08, 21:01:52

30 Apr 08, 20:25:21

Robert Seidel
I am a art teacher in Charleston and I was told by Anthony back in September of 07 that he was trying to get Ghost Hunters to come to the hospital that October. I am glad to see it come together. Anthony told me of some art work the people at the Asylum had done and I wanted to know if it was part of your tours. If you could let me know that would be great. branroselines@aol.com Thanks and good luck with the Asylum.
30 Apr 08, 20:09:40 .

Elizabeth Navarro
This plae looks fabulous! I would love to visit. It would be a great place to renovate, maybe a boarding school. Oh, so cool!
30 Apr 08, 20:05:43

Just watched the show. I was always fascinated with the old building and always saw the spirits through the windows and in the yard as I past by. thought it was cool to know someone else saw them too. would like to tour soon see ya
30 Apr 08, 20:04:37

J. R. Sleeker
I didn't realize the asylum had closed as recently as 1994. It is a fascinating place and I do want to tour it, as well as the Waverly Sanatorium. I did read all the information on both sites! Ghost Hunters did a good job!
30 Apr 08, 20:01:10

Lori .S.
I was so excited seeing the ghost hunters episode. I've lived about 30 miles from the old Weston Hospital my whole life and I've always wanted to go in it. Now that I know that there might be signs of the super natural I have to go tour it. I would love to see another episode of ghost hunters exploring the Asylum.
30 Apr 08, 19:49:03

walace sturdivant of fargo, nd
just watched ghost hunters and was really impressed. will be in akron, o in early june, will come down for a visit, cannot wait
30 Apr 08, 19:44:02

C Masterson
I look forward to touring soon!
30 Apr 08, 19:43:49

Bryan Byrd
Another TAPS fanatic, just caught the show, and i have to say T-ALA rivals Waverly Hills (my fisrt love in this area). I would love to set up a ghost hunting vacation in the Ohio river valley area, and would definitely include this beautiful civil war era hospital. Until then I hope to see another TAPS episode featuring this place. Thank you.
30 Apr 08, 19:41:09

just seen the ghost hunters episode. really neat i was born and raised about 17 miles outside weston in churchville,wv and never been in the place. my neighbor actually worked on the dairy farm and in the kitchen there until the new hospital was built. i will have to talk to him now and take the tour. really cool!!!!
30 Apr 08, 19:32:54

My nursing school took us to Weston in 1976 and the conditions were bad then so to see the show was no surprise but it would be interesting to go back now
30 Apr 08, 19:32:27

Pam Nobles from Virginia Beach VA
After Eastern State Penitentiary, Trans-Allegheneny will be our next trip. Loved the show tonight.
30 Apr 08, 19:29:33

I just saw Ghost Hunters too. I would love the opportunity to tour the Asylum. I live near Pittsburgh but I looking forward to making a trip soon. I will love to know the history behind this fantastic old building....
30 Apr 08, 19:27:38

Dan from Charleston, WV
I just saw Ghost hunters. My Girlfriend and I got a chance to tour the building about 2 years ago. It was totally amazing! I see it's cleaned up some. I think it's really great that your offering tours now and want to preserve this national treasure.
30 Apr 08, 19:23:35

JIll Huling
I just saw the GhostHunters episode on the hospital ,it was awesome. I live in Parkersburg Wv and I would love to tour the hospital soon. Hopefully, I can come for the June 13th tour. Too cool
30 Apr 08, 19:22:31

wow that was cool i will definately make it for an overnight rock on
30 Apr 08, 19:18:17

Melanie Moyer
We'll see you in September!!!!! We're going to be at Moundsville, might as well stay and visit this extraordinary piece of West Virginia history!!!!
Mid Michigan Paranormal Investigators
30 Apr 08, 19:18:15

Chris Altizer
My wife and I have just watched Ghosthunters and I tell you I was blown away. I am a sceptic I'm in my mid 30's and as you know us men do not believe in anything like that "even if it where true we would denie it " my wife keeps getting me to watch the Ghosthunters show I've seen maybe 3 season's total and not until tonight have I said that might be true We live in Radford Va. and would Love to Drive over one day to check it out The best show I've seeen yet.....
30 Apr 08, 19:16:22

mistie from oklahoma
Saw you on ghost hunters.That was kinda scary,don't think i will be staying the night. Am looking forward to getting there for a daytime tour. Headed that way for vacation this summer and am puttin you on my list of places to see.
30 Apr 08, 19:16:10

Angela Rouse
Beautiful building, Terrible history, Great opportunity.
30 Apr 08, 19:11:55

Christi Roberson
I am glad to know that this Historic Building will remain open so those of us who are curious will get the chance to visit and walk these hollowed grounds....Thanks to All Peoples involved with the Buildings upkeep...
30 Apr 08, 19:09:25

Steven in Weston
Yeah I live here in Weston and this place is awesome! It's also great that it is not being demolished and the Jordan's are taking care of it. This website is phenomenal.

I am really looking forward to being able to stay the night in the hospital. That would be so cool.

I also just got done watching the Ghosthunter episode on SciFi and it was awesome.
30 Apr 08, 19:07:27

I LOVE your building. Haunted or not I would love to work there. I wish you the best in getting reopened! I hope to come and see it someday!
30 Apr 08, 19:04:56

My group has been on Comcast-on demand, Fox 53 news and in a variety of newspapers, in our area. We would love to come and investigate. I feel with our varied, experienced group, we would be able to make contact with some of the spirits.
30 Apr 08, 18:59:01

Great site. Love the building and would love to learn more of the history of the people who were lodged there.
30 Apr 08, 18:51:38

Thanks for the informative website. I am very interested in the old Kirkbride buildings and their history.
30 Apr 08, 18:49:21

Melissa H.
stunning building its amazing I'm watching the ghost hunters episode right now
30 Apr 08, 18:47:44

We would definately like to book our group!!! Come see our work on youtube.com/jasgcops
30 Apr 08, 18:46:26

30 Apr 08, 18:40:49

cant wait to visit to bad over night groups are so restricted
30 Apr 08, 18:39:37

This places looks very interesting. I am watchng the episode of Ghost Hunters. The history of this place is amazing.
30 Apr 08, 18:38:56 - [

Melissa Williams

Honestly I DO NOT BELIEVE IN GHOSTS.... Never have and never will...i think it's just people's imaginations and people playing jokes. I belive that when someone dies, their spirits go either to heaven or hell. The Bible never said that ghosts stay here on earth and roams around...Also, if you are so into "ghosts" then why haven't you investigated the "Blair Witch" where those 3 kids supposely disappeard? I believe it's a cult and not ghosts...I also think it was all a set up by the cult to make people scared. Don't get me wrong, your show amuses me but honestly, where does it say in the Bible that ghosts exist?
30 Apr 08, 18:36:27

Kelli Bender
I would love to enjoy the asylum and it's spooks in person but most certainly do not have the courage. The history itself is unbelievable. To see what society has feared and simply misunderstood for so long is an opportunity itself.
30 Apr 08, 18:33:34

Tony C.
I am a firm believer in hauntings and supernatural happenings. I have had many personal experiences that have convinced me that this stuff is real. I look forward to the opprotunity to come out to West Virginia and visit this place of incredible history.
30 Apr 08, 18:30:37

I hope to somday see your building in person I think it would be great.Im glad there is someone to keep this historic places opened. And to let others know the history of asylums.and how some people lived.
30 Apr 08, 18:26:05

This is such an awesome website! I especially love the historical facts about this interesting building. I hope to visit soon...keep up the good work!
30 Apr 08, 18:20:22

Angela Lilly
I'm watching Ghost Hunters right now. I really want to visit this place really bad to see if there is realy anything there.
30 Apr 08, 18:19:56

Mark Wolfe
Awesome place. I'd love to visit and photograph soon.
30 Apr 08, 18:18:12

Julie Hakes
I can't wait to visit this place! I am watching Ghost Hunters right now. I hope they catch something that we can see too!
30 Apr 08, 18:14:52

My husband and I cant wait to come to West Virginia to visit!! We are definitely looking forward to touring in the future!!
30 Apr 08, 18:14:36

Angie Smith
I am so excited to watch tonights episode of Ghost Hunters. I have heard so many stories about this place and can't wait to see what they have found !!!!!!!
30 Apr 08, 17:30:05

This place is awesome.Looking forward to seeing ghost hunters tonight I heard that if you are not a believer in ghosts you will be tonight after the show.PLEASE OPEN THE OVERNIGHT GHOST HUNTS FOR THE PUBLIC. It would definetly generate alot of money for the restoration.
30 Apr 08, 15:06:52

Can't wait to watch Ghost Hunters tonight!!! I have always been fascinated with this place. I have been on two tours there but felt I didn' get to see all there was to see!!!
30 Apr 08, 14:18:44

Jacqueline Smith
Look forward to seeing Ghost Hunters tonight... I may never get out that way to investigate this Asylum.. so I sure hope they caught something spectaular!!!!
30 Apr 08, 14:13:33

I don't like the word "lunatic". It's just plain ignorant.
30 Apr 08, 13:52:00

It is an awesome place.I can't wait to watch GHOST HUNTERS tonight.I LOVE that show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30 Apr 08, 13:03:28

Debra Gray
Was there visiting a patience when I was young, (about 36 years ago) and it scared me then. Can't wait to watch Ghost Hunters tonight...Love that show.
30 Apr 08, 11:11:08

Deborah Posey
Can't wait to go on a ghost tour.
30 Apr 08, 10:43:07

Love to go for a tour,I think it would be a trill of expirience!!!
30 Apr 08, 09:20:29 -

K. Woody
I have always been intrigued with this facility! I can remember when it was a working hospital and patients would be out on the lawn watching traffic go by or walking for exercise. My family toured the hospital in Fall of 2007, but we were only allowed to tour the first floor. Now that you can tour all four floors, we plan to go back soon! May do an all nighter in the future.It is an awesome, historical facility! With no disrespect to former patients and their families, I am thrilled that the Jordan family are restoring the hospital and putting a more positive spin on events at the facility! Good luck in all future endeavors!
30 Apr 08, 06:46:21

I was just there today.It is so beautiful yet so awesome that T.A.P.S was there.I can't wait to go on a tour.
29 Apr 08, 18:12:06

kathy risinger
I love to watch ghost hunters over and over and like the times they go to a asylum because some people might have just been gifted and back them they didn't no want we no today.
29 Apr 08, 17:02:47

29 Apr 08, 14:13:14
i love this show!!!! its so interesting!!!
29 Apr 08, 12:26:54

Laurie Smith
This place looks like an incredible place to do paranormal research. I am sorry that they are only allowing paranormal goups in for now because I have investigated places such as Mansfield Prison, OH, Waverly HIlls, KY, Queen Mary, CA, but I do not belong to a group. I am a responsible investigator and am sorry that I am not allowed for an all night investigation. Will keep checking back though.
29 Apr 08, 08:55:53

Mary Brown
28 Apr 08, 22:02:38

gidget jeppesen
i am completly addicted to ghost hunting i got great pictures in south carolinia i would love to go on a site with you if you ever take newbys if not ill keep watching
28 Apr 08, 19:50:52 -

I am absolutly thrilled that your community is preserving this beautiful Kirkbride, while unfortunatly others are being destroyed. I will be visiting in the near future! See you soon.
28 Apr 08, 19:21:07

I love what you are doing , keep up the good work!
28 Apr 08, 17:10:23
Super cool website! Looks great and is informative! Great job.
28 Apr 08, 14:42:24

Wow! What A great website!
28 Apr 08, 13:26:09


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