the Zombie Paintball Ride

Weather permitting
Friday and Saturday Nights
9/23 – 10/29
Zombie Paintball will be CLOSED during the Asylum ball (10/22) 
our Haunted house in 2022
After a strange unnoticed mid-air collision of 2 small planes sometime in early September the dead have risen. The planes, smuggling chemicals of a dubious nature, when combined have had strange and terrifying effects. As the chemicals are absorbed into the soil, the bodies of the dearly departed have animated and have clawed their way to the surface and are searching the grounds for fresh human flesh, YOUR FLESH! Will you help stem the tide? Do you have it in you to help save humanity?
This ride is weather permitting.
The truck(s) leaves every 30 minutes.

Open Friday and Saturday nights from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Tickets can be purchased at the Zombie Paintball tent.$25 per person, 100 paintballs included.Reloads of 100 paintballs during ride $5.00.No Equipment needed.You do the shooting.YOU WONT BE SHOT!ages 10 and over