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Do we need purchase tickets in advance for daytime tours?
All of our daytime tours are considered walk-in tours and operate on a first come first served basis.

Is it really haunted?
We will leave that for you to decide.

Are there any refunds?
NO. When you purchase a ticket for a tour/hunt you are reserving a spot for that specific date and time, just as you do when purchasing a concert ticket. Due to this, we do not offer any type of refunds.

Can I purchase tickets to tours or hunts if they aren’t listed above?
Yes, you can purchase tickets for paranormal tours/ghost hunts that we have scheduled by calling 304-269-5070.
A list of the dates can be located HERE.

Do we offer gift certificates?
Yes, we do, follow this link to our store.

Is smoking allowed in the building?
NO, there are designated smoking areas, ask your guide.

Can I bring a pillow/blanket?
You will be ghost hunting the entire time, you are more than welcome to bring a light bag chair but you won’t be doing any sleeping in the building.

Is there some place to store my valuables/coolers/equipment?
Our heated break room is always staffed. You can leave your valuables/coolers/equipment in there.

Will my tickets come in the mail?
No. You will pick up your tickets at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum upon registration to your scheduled event.

Are we allowed to bring food/drinks?
On ghost hunts, both public and private, you may bring a cooler but drugs/alcohol are not permitted.

Do I have to purchase 10 tickets for a public ghost hunt or paranormal tour?
No, you only need to purchase tickets for the people you wish to attend with you.

What time should I be there?
No later than 30 minutes prior your tour. If the doors aren’t open when you get here, they will be shortly.

What is your address? I can’t find it on my GPS.
Try 50 south river avenue (right across the road).

Do I need to buy insurance to come to a public ghost hunt?
No, you only need insurance on the private ghost hunts.

The insurance for private ghost hunts, is it per person?
No. The $250 for insurance covers your group for the evening.

Is there an age limit on ghost hunts and paranormal tours?
Yes, 12 years old for a tour and for a hunt, both require a guardian.

If I can’t make it due to weather, what happens?
If you call at least 1 day before your tour, we may be able to reschedule your tour to a later date.

Do we have medical records?
No, we do not have medical records of any of the patients that were admitted to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.

Are there bathrooms?
Yes, the bathrooms are located in the center section.

Do you have a place for me to charge my electronic devices (camera’s/recorders/batteries)?
Yes, the break room has electric you can use to charge your various devices/batteries.

Why do October Ghost Hunts/Tours start at a different time?
The Haunted House and Zombie Paintball are open till 11:30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, we can’t start Ghost Hunts and Paranormal Tours till they are closed.

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